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Links to tramway museum, tourist tramways, other interest group and fan internet pages

Australian and New Zealand Tramway Museum, Tourist Tram and other interest group sites

Rail Page Australia contains a wide range of railway and tramway related information. This includes photos of Australian trams and trains, links to other railway pages and archives of the Aus.Rail newsgroup. Railpage Australia also hosts the Internet sites of a number of railway and tramway organisations


Australian Electric Transport Museum (South Australia) is the homepage for this group which operates a museum tramway at St Kilda, South Australia

Australian Railways Historical Society Victorian Division contains information on Society activities and links to related sites

Ballarat Tramway Museum is an excellent site, well set out with much valuable information

Bendigo Tramways

Bendigo Tramways site is the home page for the famous Bendigo Talking Trams, with details such as timetables, the different types of trams in service and news about current happenings.

Central Deborah

Central Deborah site contains details about a range of tourist attractions in Bendigo, Victoria, including the Bendigo Talking Trams.

Christchurch Tramway

Christchurch Tramway is a tourist tramway operating on a 2.5 km loop around central Christchurch, New Zealand.

Tramway Historical Society, Christchurch

The Tramway Historical Society Inc. have preserved a number of trams from Christchurch and Dunedin, New Zealand, plus some other systems.


COTMA is an umbrella organisation representing the tramway museums in Australia and New Zealand.

Launceston Tramway Museum Society

Launceston Tramway Museum Society site contains details about this society, based in Launceston, Tasmania, including news of restoration.

Melbourne's Tram People is a video documentary of Melbourne's local history and society and of the people who have been associated with Melbourne's tramway system.

Melbourne Tramcar Preservation Association

Melbourne Tramcar Preservation Association site contains details about the history and rolling stock of this association which has a museum located at Haddon, near Ballarat, Victoria.

Tasmanian Transport Museum

Tasmanian Transport Museum is a museum displaying railway and tramway exhibits at its museum in the Hobart suburb of Glenorchy. The site contains pictures of the museum's exhibits.

Tramway Museum Society of Victoria Inc.

Tramway Museum Society of Victoria Inc. is a group displaying Victoria's tramway heritage at its museum at Bylands, some 60 km north of Melbourne. Please note: To access the TMSV site, type in the words "Tramway Museum" (without apostrophes), click "Go" button, then click on "More info" button.

Transit Australia

Transit Australia is an Australian magazine for people who are interested in public transport issues. This internet site complements the magazine and contains current news.

Australian Tramway Fan Sites

Australian Trams

Australian Trams is a long-established and very comprehensive site developed by David Hoadley dedicated, as its name implies, to Australian trams. The site contains a wealth of information, and numerous links and a visit is highly recommended for any tramway buff.

Australian Railway Map and Timetable

Chris Brownbill's Australian Railway Map and Timetables contains excellent maps of the Melbourne tramway system as well as the tram / light rail lines in Adelaide, and Sydney. The maps also show trains and ferries and have clickable links to timetables.

Dave's Melbourne Tram Page

Dave's Melbourne Tram Pages contains pictures and extensive details of Melbourne's tram fleet and system.

Chris Gordon's page - VicSig

Chris Gordon's Transport Page - VicSig page is mainly focused on heavy rail but often includes some tram pictures from Melbourne.

Michael's Tram and Train Webpage

Michael's Tram and Train Webpage contains some tram pictures from Melbourne together with a number of tram and train links.

Gareth's Railway Webpage

Gareth Lumsden's Railway Webpage as its name implies focuses on railway photos. However, the page contains a comprehensive set of images and details of Melbourne trams in 'all-over' advertising livery.

Sydney Light Rail

Sydney Light Rail is a home page dedicated, as its name implies to the Sydney Light Rail system. It has been established by Matthew Geier whose digital photography of the construction and opening of the Sydney Light Rail system was a pioneering effort in demonstrating the power of the internet to rapidly provide specialised information to a geographically spread audience.

David Johnson's photo collection

David Johnson's photo collection contains railway and tramway images including a number of lovely tram pictures, taken in both Melbourne and Sydney, the latter focusing on the Sydney Light Rail line.

Transit World

Transit World is a home page constructed by Sydney-sider, Anthony Leith. As its name implies, it contains pictures of trams, trains and buses from around the world. It has a particular emphasis on Sydney.

International Tramway Fan Sites

FUNET Railway Photography Archive

FUNET Railway Photography Archive is an archive of railway and tramway photographs from around the world, hosted in Finland. See my Australian tramway images.

European Railway Picture Gallery

European Rail Server contains thousands of railway and tramway images from throughout Europe. See my images from Wurzburg, Germany, Austria , and Italy .

Hong Kong Trams

Hong Kong Trams developed by Daniel Huggard is a stylish and sophisticated internet site with a wealth of information and pictures of Hong Kong trams. In my view, this site sets the standard for other tram sites to follow, with its professional design and presentation.

Cable car

The Cable Car Home Page developed by Joe Thompson is as its name suggests dedicated to cable trams. This excellent site, while having an emphasis on the United States cable tram systems, is international in outlook with references to cable trams in Australia and Great Britain.

Steam Trams

The National Steam Tram Museum is located in Blackburn, United Kingdom. The site's emphasis is on United Kingdom, France and Belgium. is a Swedish-based site developed by Leif Spangberg with a very large number of tramway and railway images, together with a huge number of tramway-related links.

Do you want to see stills of trams in Zurich taken in real time ? Zurich's Live Cam enables you to view trams at several locations around the city. You can even tilt, pan and zoom the cameras for a better angle.

Trolleybus Sites

Trolleybuses of Australasia

Trolleybuses of Australasia has been developed by Bradley Knewstubb. This site contains details of New Zealand trolleybus fleets and routes and Australian trolleybus routes.

Nick Stoneman's Home Page

Nick Stoneman's Home Page has information and links about Wellington trolleybuses and other bus related sites.

Wellington Trolleybus Festival

Wellington's 50th Anniversary Trolleybuses Festival is celebrated by Lachlan Rendall at this site.

Wellington Trolleybus Page

The Wellington Trolleybus Page , prepared by Rod Prowse, also contains pictures of the 50th anniversary celebrations of trolleybuses in Wellington, New Zealand.

Other Tramway links

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